Pensacola- Maze Ransomware Attackers Demand $1M

The attackers claim that they are not connected with the tragic shooting at the Naval Air Station earlier this month.

The group known as “Maze” also stated “we want to emphasize that not one of the socially significant services has suffered (for example 9-1-1).” A city official stated that “Emergency dispatch and 911 services were not impacted and continue to operate.”

This is good news. In many, if not most, ransomware attacks on municipalities or counties their IT network is not segmented (flat). This configuration allows an attack, for example one that hits the Permits Department, to move through the network to the PSAP and take down CAD and records.

Maze steals their targets data and then threaten to release it to the public in the event the ransom is not paid. In this attack. This same group also attacked the company Southwire, demanding $6M. Below is the information they provided:

Here is a link to the article on Bleeping Computer.