TDoS: 9-1-1 Involved in Oakland County MI

A Serious New Attack

To date, the TDoS attacks against Public Safety have been limited to the non-emergency or admin lines. One reason for this, we believe, is that the attacks originated overseas and arrived via VoIP.

Farmington Hills, MI PSAP was recently flooded with 911 calls. When they answered a call, they were connected via a conference bridge to another PSAP: Miami Beach, Decatur, GA or the Public Safety Department at MIT. Farmington Hills was hit via 9-1-1 directly, while the other sites were hit via their admin lines.

The 9-1-1 calls appeared to have come from a local law firms’ VoIP phone system. The attackers may have used the ‘remote in’ feature of the phone system to hack in and stage the attack or they may have launched the attack from the vendors ‘cloud’ server. This enabled the attacker to call 9-1-1 directly. MIT Public Safety stated that they have experienced attacks on their admin lines daily since September.

NYPD and Miami Beach PD

In this October attack, NYPD received 111 calls on their 9-1-1 lines. They were conferenced in with Miami Beach PD via their admin lines.

If you do experience an attack, the FBI requests you submit a report via this link: