FirstNet Phone Service

Many people have taken advantage of a recent offering from AT&T. Sign up for FirstNet (with proper ID you can transfer your existing service) and receive a great rate that includes unlimited data.

I made the switch and thought that my service (now billing directly to FirstNet) was actually on the FirstNet network.

I attended a major PGA event, the Honda Classic, in March and basically had no data service and difficulty making calls. Last week I, along with a few thousand other people, attended a high school graduation. The firefighter I was sitting next to was really happy with his FirstNet service- wow! He had just purchased a new iPhone Xr and signed up for FirstNet. My iPhone X- basically no service.

The fix is now easy. AT&T has a FirstNet SIM card. You do not need a special ‘dual SIM’ phone. Yesterday I had the new SIM installed on my iPhone X at the AT&T store- no charge: My ‘before and after’ home screen below- Note the FirstNet script in the top left.

When you attend an event with thousands of people, there is always the possibility of contention for wireless service. FirstNet provides that priority service. I know that I want to be reachable 24/7 in the event of any issues with our critical infrastructure services.

We are also in the process of installing FirstNet service as a wireless backup to one of our PSAPs located on a barrier island- a perfect use of this preemptive technology.