Carbyne, Cisco and Smart Cities

Cisco Kinetics for Cities

Carbyne has scored a major win by announcing their inclusion in the Cisco Kinetic Cities architecture. The idea of creating a partnership with a global enterprise company like Cisco and their IoT offering makes a lot of sense for public safety.

In this scenario, the call and media handling requirements are hosted by the Cisco platform while Carbyne provides the public safety specific features and functions.

But the really powerful aspect of this announcement is the the fact that Cisco ( and potentially their partner AT&T Smart Cities ) are doing the heavy lifting- pulling in IoT information (e.g. buildings, traffic, cameras, alarms, etc), analyzing it and then distributing relevant data to the appropriate agencies. First responders and 9-1-1 centers (including Carbyne) would receive actionable data to assist with their alerts and tasking.

This partnership model also eliminates the conflict of 9-1-1 having a separate IoT system (Additional Data Repository or ADR) than first responders.

I like it…