Cyber Security – You Probably Need a Consultant


It Was Not That Long Ago..

A few years ago, Next Generation 9-1-1 became THE buzzword in Public Safety. A lot of money was spent hiring consultants to develop an RFP, support the selection process  and assist in the migration.  The money was spent, in many cases, simply because the organization did not have the required expertise in house.

We are currently faced with a critical issue in Public Safety- cybersecurity.  Some will state that because they have anti-virus software and a firewall, they are fine. The answer to that is- maybe.

Hiring an outside consultant will not only provide expertise but, with the proper authority and span of access, give management a true view of the cybersecurity status, how networks are interconnected in the facility and provide a plan for overall cyber governance.

FCC Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture (TFOPA)

It will be important to utilize the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the TFOPA report for this effort. The Cybersecurity section of the TFOPA report is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and is geared towards 9-1-1. It  takes the complex NIST document and presents it in a more straightforward manner.


The map above depicts the result of a recent cyber assessment from a PSAP in the Midwest. The PSAP serves a population of 250,000. There was two way traffic between the PSAP and the red shaded countries. The center was communicating with more than 600 individual IP addresses around the world over SSH. They had no idea.

Your challenge will probably be funding. My hope is that we can raise awareness of this critical issue in the community.