State 9-1-1 Boards and NextGen



One aspect of FirstNet that I truly respect is the fact that they are funded, organized and empowered regarding their mission. They have the potential to positively impact Public Safety on a national level.

Things are not as well defined with NextGen 9-1-1. At the state level, we currently have extremes regarding  9-1-1 Boards and their authority. While some states are up and running with NextGen, others are struggling with the initial planning. Two States (Wisconsin and Missouri) do not even have a state level 9-1-1 Board.

Laurie Flaherty and her team @ 911.GOV have done a great job collecting and interpreting data from states.

Depending on the specific details, Home Rule  can play a major role in the lack of centralized authority for 9-1-1.

There are initiatives today at the federal level regarding funding for Next Generation 9-1-1. We do not want the scenario of a state receiving funding for NextGen without a definitive plan. For those states that do not yet have a plan in place, one option is to engage the Department of Homeland Security Office of Emergency Communications.

This VIDEO may prove of interest. I participate as a subject matter expert (SME) for DHS and believe this program to be of tremendous value.


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  1. Evelyn Bailey

    Greetings. I’m the executive director of the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA). I can tell you that most states have a state-level 911 program, but there are several states that do not. Even the states with a statewide 911 program differ greatly in their scope of authority in terms of their ability to effectively coordinate and support NG911.
    Several of the states that are members of NASNA don’t have a state 911 program, yet.


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