Israel – Nationwide Launch of Emergency SmartPhone App Provides Video from the Scene


Ehud Barak, former Israeli Prime Minister, is the Chairman of this Technology Company.

Reporty Website

“The Reporty Homeland Security platform is uniquely poised to enhance critical response to emergency events and to transform the way the public accesses police, fire, medical and rescue services in crisis situations, as well as essential city services in non-emergency situations.”

Israel has launched this new platform nationwide. Responders are now able to view  live video from the scene and chat via text.

Reporty states that,  for calls made inside a building, an algorithm uses nearby radio frequencies, like WiFi signals, to determine the caller’s position, and its crowdsourcing technology makes it more exact as more people sign on.

The success of this launch will depend on Citizens downloading the app to their SmartPhone. The company suggests this technology could of great value to countries like the US.

Jerusalem Post Article