A Solid ESInet Product Launch

Press Release

February 29, 2016

Here in Palm Beach County, we launched the first ESInet in the US with AT&T. I was told early on in my career “with technology, someone needs to go first- always make sure that it isn’t you.”

Fast forward five years and everyone in this industry has learned ALOT.

What I like about this strategy is that it makes sense- AT&T will build a strong, robust IP network and West will provide its stable, proven applications. The other aspect is that AT&T will be able to drive the IP transition of 9-1-1 and, in the process, speed up the retirement of all of those legacy central office ‘Selective Routers’, which are manufacturer discontinued products.

There are a lot of technical and support details that should be forthcoming over the next months.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet the Exec team and believe that this will be a very successful partnership.